Skylight Repairs and Installation

Add a skylight to an existing roof

Want to enjoy blue skies and starlit nights from the comfort of your own interior living space? Add an extreme weather skylight to lighten any room. Call Surcut for skylight installation.

With a skylight, you can cut your energy costs, reduce your environmental footprint, boost your home's value, and flood any indoor space with warm, beautiful, natural light.

The roofing experts at Surcut offer stunning, extreme weather skylights for homeowners from Cape Coral to Naples, FL just like you. 

You get your own little piece of the sky while enjoying big savings and an exceptional customer experience.

End Skylight Leaks

In recent years several advancements have been made in the glass and waterproofing of skylights.  Call today to discuss ending your skylight leaks.

At Surcut, we pride ourselves on meticulous craftsmanship and outstanding service. That's why we go out of our way to exceed not just meet but your expectations. As our valued customer, you can expect superior results and a smooth, hassle-free construction experience when you hire us for skylight repairs.

For more information on our skylight of choice visit Sun-Tek for product specifications.

High Impact Skylights

Don't forget to ask for extreme weather skylights.

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Skylight Installation and Repairs

Add a new skylight


It is never too late to add a skylight to an existing tile roof.

High Impact Glass


If required by your insurance company or for added piece of mind we can upgrade your skylights to Sun-Tek Extreme Weather Skylights.

Free no hassle quotes.


As with all roofing services we offer free no hassle quotes for all of your roofing needs.

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